Horribly Amazing Films Recommends: If You Want the Gravy… Blog

I may not have much of a readership yet on this site, but I’d like to recommend to anybody who stops by (this number of people is increasing) this amazing blog called If You Want the Gravy…. Whether you’re a fan of films both good and horribly amazing, or a fan of soda (the two go hand-in-hand, don’t they?), If You Want the Gravy… [pause to enhance the effect of the ellipsis] is a great place to read about the latest films, the not-so-latest films, and detailed reviews of soda beneath lovely pictures of the blogger’s gentle hand caressing beverages in various containers.

Unlike my more extensive full-course-meal-sized reviews of films that have already seen DVD releases, this guy encapsulates many different types of films in more bite-sized forms, both theatrical releases and ancient gems. Because of his recommendations, I will likely find myself in the movie theater more often, alone in the back of the auditorium with a bottle of whatever soda he’s recently reviewed as my only company, provided I can sneak it in successfully. From Oscar winners to what we at Horribly Amazing Films consider to be Oscar snubs (Godfrey Ho should have won for Best Foreign Language Film long ago), If You Want the Gravy… covers plenty of ground. He also takes a close look at movie trailers that he’s seen in theaters, giving his thoughts on projects soon to come.

It’s definitely a blog worth checking out if you’re a self-proclaimed fan of film and refreshment, though I can’t imagine anybody dislikes the latter. I know I want the gravy, too, and I can’t see why anybody else wouldn’t.

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