Horribly Amazing Films is all about finding and examining the best obscure films that the Academy Awards inexplicably glossed over, and bringing them to the forefront of every film buff’s attention. The extensive reviews you’ll see here are for the films that have left a mark on cinema so deep and clean that people can’t even seem to see them in the cracks. We also discuss the popular films that all of those trendy pop culture losers care about.

Have any film suggestions or other topics of conversation, or want to submit an (*unpaid) guest post? E-mail Sardonic Cynic himself at the seemingly unrelated address of benmgraves@yahoo.com and he will be happy to hear from you. I’d also welcome posts with links to your website for SEO linkbuilding purposes to help you out, as long as it’s clearly legit and regarding a movie-relevant topic. You can also make suggestions and like us on our Facebook page, only if you like us, that is. We are also on Twitter, believe it or not.

I do not claim the rights to any of the films that appear in this blog, so if you should see screenshots and .gifs that display the amazingness of these films, I clearly did not intend to commit copyright infringement, and hope nobody is feeble or insecure enough to have me remove any glorious images I choose to use here. My use of any images should fall under fair use permissions, this being a review site and all.

*I make very little money through this site currently; still waiting for WordAds to come back, and working to gain some money through affiliates, and thus can’t afford to pay for guest posts at this time, but I’m happy to post something funny that’s film-related here, giving credit to other writers where it’s due. It’s too bad WordPress.com is more limited in revenue avenues than .org, but for now it’s as good as it gets here.

Now for a little disclosure:

Horribly Amazing Films is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. All Amazon Associates affiliate links appearing on this site will be clearly attributed to Amazon.

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