The Gingerdead Man (2005) Review

I don’t come across that many great Christmas-themed horror films made in the last ten years, but there is a film that I’ve recently had the pleasure of watching in a dark room last Saturday morning at 6:00 AM sharp when I finally popped it into my DVD player; I had owned the movie for nine years since its release in 2005, but was too afraid to watch it. The cover gave me chills, and I had three nightmares in one night about this horrible looking creature. I’m glad I finally mustered up the courage after four vodka Red Bulls to finally watch it last weekend, though. And it was every bit as glorious as I thought it would be. It surprisingly had a lot of funny moments in it as well that had me guffawing quite a few times like a toddler on speed.

To end the suspense I’m sure is butchering you, I will tell you that this film is The Gingerdead Man, produced and directed by Charles Band. He also wrote and produced 1989’s Puppetmaster, which is in my opinion the best horror film of the 1980s in every way.

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The Pest (1997) Review

Sometimes a comedy film comes along that goes misunderstood by nearly everyone who comes across it, with rapid-fire jokes that seem to fly over the audience’s collective head.

The film I am looking toward this time is 1997’s The Pest, a film so underrated and full of comedic flair that most audiences simply can’t handle it, mostly because they are wrongfully offended. I’m here to challenge the scathing reviews and widespread hatred by holding this film up as the Mount Everest of ’90s comedy, which it is. And to top it off, it prides itself on being a loose adaptation of the classic short story “The Most Dangerous Game”, which in my humble opinion pales in comparison to this amazing flick.

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