You Won’t Find Natasha Henstridge Nude Here


It’s come to my attention that what draws some people to my Ghosts of Mars review is the idea of seeing Natasha Henstridge nude, which makes no sense considering she doesn’t even show an ounce of side-boob in it (are boobs measured in ounces?). She’s been nude in a few things, though, namely the first two Species films. She was a lot younger then – 21 when she appeared in the first Species in 1995 and around 24 when the second one came out. Not that she’s aged badly, mind you. She’s a beautiful woman these days as well, but you have to keep in mind that you won’t find Natasha Henstridge nude here at all, ever, no matter how hard you search for that.

I find that people are really interested in either her mouth or seeing her in handcuffs in Ghosts of Mars, which often leads people to either of these two photos from that post:

Melanie Ballard sleeps handcuffed to bed post.

Natasha Henstridge smiling in Ghosts of Mars.

“Who Can I See Nude Here, If Not Henstridge?”

Natasha Henstridge in The Whole Nine Yards
Even in lieu of this text and white space, you wouldn’t see Natasha Henstridge nude in The Whole Nine Yards.

If you would like to see other actresses in the buff on my blog, may I direct you to my Breeders review? Those actresses seem to draw a lot of attention (namely the dancer), to the point where I’m beginning to think Google considers that post pornographic. Or, if you’re even more desperate for nudity and would love to see low-res pics of Asian women with blurry boobies, I suggest you visit my Ninja Death I review. In any case, you won’t find any hidden photos of Natasha Henstridge nude here. Ever. Search all you want, but you won’t find them, I assure you. No nudity easter eggs here.

Turn to Other Outlets for a Nude Natasha Henstridge has amassed a large number of celebrity fakes, including ones of Natasha Henstridge nude, with some looking convincing while others… not so much. Mila Kunis has some of the best on there, though. It’s impressive how these guys manage to match celebrities’ faces with the bodies of porn stars without any noticeable difference in skin tone. That’s an art form, quite frankly, and I hope to someday visit an art gallery to marvel at them. But seriously, for reals, you’ll never find Natasha Henstridge nude on this particular website.

Schrödinger’s Henstridge?

natasha henstridge modeling in black dress

I just really think that people should know that they won’t find what they’re looking for if they search things like “Natasha Henstridge nude” and wind up on my Ghosts of Mars review, so they don’t feel disappointed and ultimately leave my site wearing droopy faces, asking themselves, “Why create a blog post with so many pictures of Natasha Henstridge when none of them include her without clothes? What’s the point?” and then commit suicide, hanging themselves from their ceiling fans because of the insane existential crisis emanating from the misconception that Natasha Henstridge clothed and nude must be one and the same, and that the absence of nude Natasha Henstridge in the midst of a clothed version is like a Schrödinger’s Cat that was never alive to begin with: in other words, an impossibility. But please, break free of that destructive delusion. She hasn’t been a model for some time now, and she hasn’t appeared in anything particularly risqué lately, let alone a recent “horribly amazing” film worthy of reviewing here, so please put your frustrations to rest and look elsewhere for a nude Natasha Henstridge.


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