See Non-Nude Photos of Your Favorite Actresses Over Here

As many of my visitors know, this website isn’t the place to find Natasha Henstridge nude, as my old blog post about her makes clear. Ever since I wrote that post, aptly titled “You Won’t Find Natasha Henstridge Nude Here,” I have gotten a decent amount of traffic to it (roughly 650 views so far, to be exact) largely because of people searching for the term “natasha henstridge nude” or other variations.

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The Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence Paradox

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper enjoying being merged together

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence have appeared in multiple films together, as you may know. In a few they have been romantically involved, such as Silver Linings Playbook, while in others they are simply connected vicariously through other characters, e.g., American Hustle. While watching them in American Hustle–in which Cooper plays an FBI agent bossing around a criminal Christian Bale, whose character is married to Jennifer Lawrence’s–I saw a tear in space and time for a brief period when Cooper and Lawrence were in the same scene, in a casino.

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