The Identical (2014) Review

2014 was a great year for Christian movies, with instant faith-based classics such as God’s Not Dead and Kirk Cameron’s deeply underrated Saving Christmas (which I will review eventually) making the rounds. But the one that appears most superior and an instant classic on par with Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life is Dustin Marcellino’s The Identical.

Now, readers here may not have known this until now, but I’ve been an atheist ever since I was born. I’ve never bought into religion. It’s been entirely wiped clean from my perception for the most part, but when I happen to catch films like The Identical, I get that much closer to seeing the light. Maybe the Lord has been weeping in my absence, throwing these Christian films in my way¬† to get me to convert, and I have to say it’s working. I bought a cross to hang from my car’s rearview mirror, and although I don’t quite know why I have it, it feels good to know that it’s there, and it’s because of this film that I have it.

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