See Non-Nude Photos of Your Favorite Actresses Over Here

As many of my visitors know, this website isn’t the place to find Natasha Henstridge nude, as my old blog post about her makes clear. Ever since I wrote that post, aptly titled “You Won’t Find Natasha Henstridge Nude Here,” I have gotten a decent amount of traffic to it (roughly 650 views so far, to be exact) largely because of people searching for the term “natasha henstridge nude” or other variations.

However, what’s on that blog post is nothing but photos of her with clothes on, so I don’t really understand why people searching for this actress nude would wind up on that site. Maybe they think I’m pulling a trick, pushing it as a post claiming the absence of nudity when in reality it’s the Holy Grail of Natasha Henstridge nude pics. That’s erroneous thinking, though.

A Website Dedicated to the Lack of Nude Actresses

Because of the popularity of that particular post from last year, I have decided to create an entire website devoted to not showcasing actresses nude. That website is called You Won’t Find Your Favorite Actresses Nude Here, and it’s probably confused a majority of the visitors who have come across it so far.

Why exactly did I create that site, you ask? Because why not. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

While you may not see any of your favorite actresses nude on that website, I can assure you that you will find many actresses with clothes on, smiling or just making sexy modeling faces. Maybe some of you pervs out there will learn to enjoy actresses’ beauty without the need to see nipples and certain other body parts that they may not want you to see.

What’s Wrong with Nudity?

jennifer-lawrence-headshotNothing’s wrong with it, in my opinion. It’s totally natural. I just think that while a lot of people are searching for actresses nude on sites like Mr. Skin and searching for fakes of their favorite actresses’ faces superimposed over porn stars’ bodies, something that stands out as the opposite of that might be worthwhile.

Consider my new website an antithesis to the parade of controversial celebrity nudity that has clogged up many crevices of the internet, whether it be in the form of fakes or actual pics from those celebrity phone hacks. Contrary to Ken Bone’s statements on Reddit about seeing Jennifer Lawrence’s nether regions and liking it, this website exists to help restore things to a natural balance.

So, come and visit and appreciate the beauty of actresses without any need to see parts unknown, as you may see parts of their face in a certain light or from a certain angle that you’ve never seen before. For instance, you may notice a certain unrecognized (and beautiful) slope to the bridge of Emma Watson’s nose that you may have previously ignored. You may find yourself thinking to yourself, “Wow, I didn’t realize that Emma Watson’s nose had such an aesthetically pleasing curve to it. And what perfectly shaped nostrils!”

How Many Actresses Aren’t Nude on There So Far?

Thus far, I have a little over 10 actresses showcased on that website, in all their non-nude glory. Come and see pics of them at Comic Con or at various awards ceremonies, or simply enjoy learning about where you can find them nude if you need help and still really want to see Jennifer Lawrence’s nether region.

Sure, Google can usually help you find a lot of nudity, and it’s probably how you wound up on this website, but over at that one you’ll be able to learn all about Mr. Skin and celebrity fakes that can satisfy your urges.

See Actresses Wearing Dust Masks or with Green Faces

emma-watson-dust-mask.jpgAs I’ve made painfully clear so far, you won’t find your favorite actresses nude over at You Won’t Find Your Favorite Actresses Nude Here, but you can actually see photos of actresses photoshopped with dust masks or green face paint on their faces, which I found on DeviantArt, unsurprisingly.

These are two fetishes that I can’t quite comprehend, but I must say the dust mask one appears to be quite abstract. The eroticism of females wearing dust masks probably originates from the idea that avoiding diseases or dust inhalation is inherently sexy, as visible self-preservation indicates that the person is an ideal mate.

As for the green paint, I think someone’s probably been jacking off to Shrek or The Mask, and has developed the desire to see every woman with a face that makes Donald Trump’s tangerine complexion look absolutely normal.

In any case, and for whatever purpose, I hope you enjoy that website as much as I have creating and writing it. My ultimate hope for it is that it will become a sort of massive database for actresses in their clothed forms, which amazingly doesn’t exist on the internet quite yet.

So, if you want to see your favorite female movie stars without a hint of controversial flesh in the spotlight, you know where to turn.

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