Give an Affiliate Network a Shot!

Okay, so I’m not the kind of guy who loves to advertise a bunch, but I recently signed up for LinkShare, which is now the Rakuten Affiliate Network. I figured I could use some extra monies, and I’ve known a bit about affiliate networking for a while, so why not? So far I’m liking the layout of the Rakuten platform.

Unfortunately,, as you may know, doesn’t give bloggers the ability to put image ads on their blogs, and WordAds is still under development, so in the meantime, all we’ve got working in our favor are affiliate text links. I’ll just go ahead and place this thing here now to get it out of the way: Come Join the #1 Affiliate Network!

Now, it’s completely free to sign up for LinkSh––Rakuten Affiliate Network, and you can find tons of links from a variety of advertisers to put on your website, as well as image ads such as banners. It’s a great way for us useless bloggers to make money, and if your platform allows image ads, all the better. I wish I could put some Rifftrax ads up here, but I may just have to switch over to .org before that beautiful dream becomes a reality.

happy affiliate woman
I thought this post could use an image, so here’s a borderline psychotic happy affiliate, whom I hope I never meet.

The Rakuten website is really easy to use, and while I’m still looking for the perfect linking opportunities (hard to do for a blog about films and nothing else… well, except for Rakuten now), it looks like I may have a bright future with this site, and figured I’d share. Plus, if you join through that link up there, I might get something, and if you share their link once you sign up, you may be able to do the same. It’s a cycle of awkward advertising, but here’s to hoping it works in our favor.

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