Choose Your Own Film Adventure

c. Removes all of his organs one by one

The man snaps and refuses to take the pill. Instead, he places his right arm down his throat, and removes his esophagus, turning it inside-out as he yanks at it. His trachea and lungs come out with it, and then he places his hand in his stomach hole, pulling out his liver, spleen, kidneys, pancreas and gallbladder, curious as to how he can do all this without suffocating or even feeling a thing. Why he is even doing this in the first place is a completely different unknown matter. Could it be out of protest against the pharmaceutical companies, i.e. “If the medical guys are going to do this anyway, why don’t I just do it myself?” He begins to realize that there may be something to this caucusfilia diagnosis, that perhaps this is the very culmination of his pointless existence: the complete removal of his pointless mortal organs. What is life, if not for nothing?

The doctor stares on, not sure why his patient has suddenly decided to remove his innards. He is intrigued to see how long he lives after the fact, though, and continues to stare on with an incredulous smile as the man begins to pull out the full length of his small intestines.

Curious. You won’t make it to Day Five,
I’m sure of it, but this is quite curious.

The man dies after completely pulling out his large intestines. He has succumbed to his pointlessness.


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